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General or Limited Visual Home Inspections

As stated above, your home is likely the single largest investment you will ever make. No one likes to be surprised. My job, as your inspector, in addition to educating you regarding the home’s systems is to apprise you of areas of the home that may affect you in the near term as well as the future. I will typically spend several hours in your home depending on the size and complexity of the property. I do not rush through the home. Many real estates agents will ask how long an inspection will take, my answer is it will take as long as it takes. I will not be rushed! The general home inspection is a limited visual inspection of the safely accessible components and systems of the home. The inspection will typically begin with a walk on the roof, a stroll around the exterior, and a look or crawl through the various crawlspaces. The heating and cooling system will be evaluated. Various components of the electrical and plumbing systems will be reviewed and or tested and of course the visible elements of the structure will be reviewed. All inspections meet or exceed the Standards of Practice of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI®).

Brian Murphy inspecting a roof
Brian Murphy inspecting guage on home

New Home or Progress Inspections

You are buying a new home and don’t believe you need an inspection, think again! Many times I have inspected a new home, or one that is two to three year old, and have uncovered significant defects. I have inspected homes with absolutely no insulation the attic more than once. I have inspected new homes with flooded crawlspaces, inadequately applied roofing materials, siding not properly applied, and homes with inadequate drainage. I spend as much time on a brand new home as I do on a five year old home, sometimes more. It is much easier to get the attention of the builder prior to close than after closing. Remember municipal inspectors typically only spend a few minutes in home and generally never walk on the roof or enter a crawlspace. I will spend hours in you home.

One Year Warranty Inspections

If your home was not inspected at the of purchase, it is not too late for an inspection. I will look for the same types of builder oversights as often seen on a new home. Most builders will cooperate to make these types of repairs when a professional inspection reveals builder deficiencies. As a highly qualified home inspector I remain abreast of the most recent code changes as well as manufactures installation guidelines to assist me in providing you with the highest quality inspection available.

Brian Murphy inspecting hot water heater
Brian Murphy inspecting air conditioning unit

Technical Inspections

A technical inspection is above and far beyond a limited visual inspection. This type of inspection will involve many experts visiting the property, including but not limited to: structural experts, electrical, plumbing, heating, and cooling professionals, environmentalists, sewer scoping technicians and other experts as necessary, to provide you with a detailed analysis of your home. Each of these experts will provide a written report to Murphy Home Inspection Services and it will then be forwarded to you along with any clarifications or additional explanations. This type of inspection will require at least two days of access to the home and a minimal processing time of one week, after the final expert visits the property for the report to be delivered to you. This additional period of time after the inspection is necessary in order to provide a thorough and clear report, consolidating and evaluating the reports and recomendations of the aforementioned experts.

Listing Inspections

If you are preparing to sell your home, get it inspected first so that you have the opportunity to repair any defects on your terms, not on those of the buyer. Minimize those big surprises! In a tough sellers market, these types of inspections will assist you in getting top dollars, for your home.

Brian Murphy inspecting fuse box
Brian Murphy flying drone

Maintenance Inspection

It is a very good idea to evaluate your home’s systems periodically to determine what repairs or maintenance items are necessary. We will perform a basic limited visual inspection that will provide you with valuable information regarding the overall condition of your home. Does your roof need to be replaced? Does your furnace require servicing or is it safe to use? Does your furnace have cracked heat exchanger allowing carbon monoxide, a potentially lethal gas, to leak into your home? Is your crawlspace are flooded, does your sump pump still work? Is you deck safe or are the structural components rotting? Is the grading still draining away from the home? Are there birds nesting in your attic? In addition to identifying areas of concern we may be able to provide referral to reputable companies. Remember we do not accept or pay any type of compensation for any referral work. Any referral we give out is based upon a company’s record of quality workmanship and ethical treatment of the customer